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Its responsible and ingenious use of the local healing springs, gases and nearby peat bogs has made Františkovy Lázně a world⁠-⁠famous spa for the treatment of circulatory diseases and musculoskeletal disorders. Inspire yourself with our wide range of curative procedures.

Peat wraps, paraffin wraps, fango wraps
Drinking cure (from our own mineral spring well)
Classic massages, lymph drainage massages
Electrotherapy (magnet, VAS, diadynamic therapy, ultrasound)
Dry carbon baths, oxygen therapy, inhalation
Lava stone massages
Vitamin and gas injections
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Spa procedures

Badenia Hotel Praha provides a comprehensive range of spa services led by experienced doctors and professional spa staff. We offer a wide range of spa procedures, from traditional healing treatments used since the time Františkovy Lázně was first founded through to modern relaxation methods. The procedures we offer include various types of massage and additive baths, to enable guests to relax and regenerate as much as possible.

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Procedures are usually included in the stays we offer, which can be booked conveniently online in the relevant section on our website.

You can order additional spa procedures either on the spot or, even better, by calling in advance (around 7 days before your planned arrival, to make sure dates are available and the procedures are suited to your current state of health).

List of procedures
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